JUST, a business that is pioneering poultry-free egg products, has announced expansion into Asian markets, having won listings with Chinese retailers and a new partnership with a South Korean egg processor.

The company announced it was now being sold by e-commerce, retail and food service outlets in China.

It produces an egg substitute that is mung-bean based, but cooks, tastes and has a similar texture to eggs, the company says. It is “similar” in protein to real egg and is free of cholesterol.

It has also signed a collaboration with GanongBio, one of South Korea’s largest egg processing businesses to produce and distribute its egg substitute across Asia.

It marks a similar arrangement to that with Italian egg-processing giant Eurovo and PHW Group in Europe announced earlier this year.

Jae Heung Yoo, chairman of GanongBio, said: “We are thrilled to be working with a company that explores the outer boundary of farming as we know it.”