KELLY TURKEYS has struck an optimistic tone in its annual letter to its poult customers, which also outlines price rises for the year ahead.

In the letter, managing director Paul Kelly says that there were reasons to be optimistic about Christmas 2021.

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He said the British were leading the world at vaccinating its own population, but travel restrictions could still be in place as other countries caught up.

“We have therefore made the decision to place the same number of birds as in 2020.

“Last year Kelly Turkeys saw online sales grow by 18%, and small birds sell out by mid-November,” he said.


Attracting seasonal workers had been a challenge, he said, but the government had acknowledged the sector needed workers and permitted them to travel on short-term working visas.

The firm is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

It began in 1971 with Derek and Molly Kelly taking over a hatchery at Danbury, Essex.

They then began producing poults for farmers rearing traditional Christmas turkeys.

Poult prices

The hatchery will offer nine different breeds of birds this year and prices will rise this year.

“Substantial increases in wheat, soya and also cardboard prices have led to an average 5%- 6% increase in poult prices,” Mr Kelly said.