THE LABOUR PARTY would ban caged hen production by 2025 if it came into power.

In late August the party released a 50-point Animal Welfare Manifesto that made the proposals.

It also promised to hold a review into what it describes as “highly intensive livestock farming” – but does not go into more detail as to what it considers highly intensive.

Launched by shadow Defra secretary, it is the result of a consultation involving 6,000 submissions.

The headline point is the appointment of an animal welfare commissioner responsible for “ensuring animal welfare standards are always considered as legislation is introduced and as Britain takes part in international bodies, trade deals and obligations”.

Relevant points include:

21. Introduce a formal whistle blowing procedure through the Food Standards Agency to enable employees to report bad behaviour and practice within abattoirs

25. End the use of cages on British farms by 2025, allowing producers time to plan and make necessary changes.

26. Research into the impact on animal welfare of highly intensive livestock farming practices. This would consider the overall management of a farm and the treatment of the individual animals. We need to feed the nation with high quality, affordable food produced to standards we can trust

It also commits to ending the badger cull.