THE Labour Party’s deputy leader Angela Rayner has visited Enva Woods’ manufacturing facility, the firm behind Easichick poultry bedding.

Management at the firm discussed the importance of biosecure bedding to the poultry sector as well as the UK’s biomass strategy.

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Enva’s wood division operates three facilities located in Manchester, Essex, and Middlesbrough, employing 170 people.

The company processes more than 300,000 tonnes of waste wood a year diverting 100% of the processed material from landfill.

The firm’s managing director, Tim Price, said: “I’d like to thank Ms Rayner for taking the time to visit Enva and taking such an interest in the UK wood recycling and biomass market.


“The role biosecure bedding has to play in controlling the spread of avian flu has not yet been fully recognised, and it’s vital we help UK growers to understand its benefits.

“We are also at a critical crossroads for the UK biomass market.

“We must ensure the continued fiscal support for waste wood when the UK biomass strategy is published.

“Its omission would result in us losing the environmental value of this material when used to generate sustainable energy and miss the opportunity to support the UK in its journey to net zero by 2050.”

Ms Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, added: “It was great to visit the site and meet the team to hear about what they do and their plans for the future.