EGG assurance scheme Laid In Britain has received recognition from the Food Standards Agency.

It means eggs produced under the scheme are deemed safe to be eaten by infants, children, pregnant women and older adults, either raw or lightly cooked or within foods containing them.

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Laid In Britain is a UK egg-specific food safety and welfare assurance scheme governed by rules that adhere to the principles, requirements, and recommendations laid out in the Food Standards Agency.

It is aimed at independent egg producers/retailers, who supply both regionally and locally.

The scheme is run by the UK Egg Producers Association (UKEPA).


The association’s chairman Adam Stratton said: “Laid In Britain Eggs have always been safe to eat in any form.

“We have worked hard to ensure that our updated Code of Practice satisfies the FSA’s new safety standards for eggs with a very low risk of salmonella.

“It is gratifying to have this formally recognised by the FSA, and we hope that the general public, retailers and our growing membership will continue to put their trust in the scheme”.