THE NFU is calling for any last-minute applicants to its national poultry board.

Members of the union involved in poultry can become part of the board, help formulate policy on behalf of the poultry sector, and proactively represent the interests of both the poultry meat and egg sectors – and the deadline to apply is 3 March.

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The work of the national poultry board covers a wide remit of issues affecting the poultry sector from avian influenza to nutrient neutrality.

The national board comprises 12 members elected for two years (March 2024 to March 2026), meeting six times a year.

In return for their work, members receive an annual honorarium paid monthly.

Application process

NFU members who would like to be considered for a place on the national poultry board must seek support from eight other NFU members and submit a nomination form, including 250 words on why they would like to apply for the position.

Once submitted, members are selected via a competitive process that will consider the nominees’ skillset and both regional and sector representation on the board.

Nominations will go to a selection panel, and short interviews may be conducted if required.

Once confirmed, the new board will meet for the first time on Wednesday, 27 March 2024, where the new Chair and Vice Chair will be elected.

For more information and to apply visit the NFU’s website.