THE UK’S LAYER FLOCK grew by more than 4% in 2019, a more substantial increase than in any of the three years before.

The total flock size is an annualised figure that includes hens and pullets laying eggs for eating.

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Overall production of eggs for human consumption was up 2.4%.

Agricultural table egg value also grew in the year by 2.9%, to £660m – £18m higher than in 2019.

The numbers appear in Defra’s recently published review of agriculture for 2019.

The average farmgate price of table eggs (across all tiers of production) increased by 0.4% (0.3p/doz) to 67.2p/doz.


The poultrymeat sector saw a decline in production in 2019, after many years of sustained growth – though average prices increased by 1%.

Overall production of poultry decreased by 2% to 1.9m tonnes, with table chickens accounting for 86% of that total.

Turkey production had grown 3.9% in 2018, but decreased 2.7% in 2019, almost falling to the lowest-ever production level seen in 2017.

Table chicken prices were up by 3.1% (3p/kg), and turkey prices up by 10% (18p/kg) The price of duck decreased by 2.8%to 280p/kg.

Read the full report on Defra’s website.