THE SOCIETY OF FEED TECHNOLOGISTS (SFT) will be hosting their 2021 poultry conference online, on 21 January.

SFT members will be able to access the programme of speakers free of charge, provided their membership is up to date.

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The event brings together national and international speakers to talk about poultry nutrition and the wider industry.

This year the Live Q&A conference will be chaired by Dr Wendy Wakeman, Technical Director, Anpario.

The agenda in full:

  BioAvailable Silicon as a Feed Supplement. Dr. Dawn Scholey,

 Nottingham Trent University

New Insights into Calcium Digestibility. Dr Saad Gilani,


Avian Influenza – An Update. Ian Brown, AHPA, Weybridge

The Importance of Welfare in Poultry Production. Prof Niamh O’Connell, IGFS, Queens University Belfast

Microbiological Controls in Poultry Systems. Prof Nicolae Corcionivoschi, Agri-Food Biosciences Institute, Belfast

Some Trends and Changes in Consumer Habits. Dr Stephane Durand,

 IGFS, Queens University Belfast

 The SFT was founded in 1967 as a regular forum for the animal nutrition industry, to identify advances in knowledge and technology.

There are currently about 320 members.

Through the Edgar Pye Research Trust, it has also awarded two scholarships of £2,000 each for 2020.

They are:

Sophie Mahendran, Royal Veterinary College, whose research topic is “The effect of calf size on feeding behaviours and social interactions within large groups fed on automatic milk machines.”


Jorge Peinado, Glasgow University, whose research topic is “Faecal dynamic metaproteomics: a non-invasive strategy to assess the effect of novel feed compounds on gut barrier function in broiler chickens.”

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