HATCHERIES large and small are switching to in-ovo vaccination to help enhance vaccination efficiency and, potentially, bird performance, but not all devices offer the same level of quality, design and support.


The Inovoject® System, an Embrex® BioDevice from Zoetis, the world’s first commercial in-ovo vaccination device, was introduced in 1992.

That first device was leased by one of the leading U.S. poultry producers, and 20 years later the company is still using the Inovoject System.

Today, Zoetis has more devices in more countries than any other in-ovo supplier.

Globally, more than 15 billion eggs are vaccinated every year using in-ovo technology.

The adoption of in-ovo technology by the poultry industry in mass consumer markets is no great surprise: a hatchery producing 250,000 eggs and vaccinating subcutaneously needs a team of 12 people and enough room for them to work in.

The Inovoject System can get the job done with less than half as many people, in less than half the time and using far less space.

Zoetis is dedicated to keeping Embrex BioDevices at the forefront of in-ovo technology by listening to the needs of our customers and responding by developing new and innovative enhancements to our range of devices.


The success of Embrex BioDevices is largely a result of the unique design features.

More than 20 years of development and studies have enabled us to identify and address five critical factors for successful in-ovo vaccination. All Inovoject Systems are built to excel on these basic principles:

  • Egg location
  • Shell penetration
  • Site of injection
  • Vaccine delivery
  • Needle sanitation

Floating locator cups are able to adjust in three dimensions to ensure that every egg is held in just the right position for injection into the ideal location, irrespective of the egg’s size or shape.

The injection needle is held within an outer needle which punches a hole through the egg, reducing the risk of egg cracking and the potential introduction of contaminants into the egg by the needle.

Only Embrex BioDevices offer this needle-within-a-needle concept.

The site of injection is critical to optimize the effectiveness of vaccination.

The Inovoject System provides the highest level of accuracy to help ensure your chicks are protected from disease challenges.*,1,2

Vaccine is delivered direct from the bag to the needles, maintaining vaccine integrity and efficacy, and the correct dose is delivered into each egg.

After each injection, ample sanitizing fluid is effectively pumped over the unique needle/punch apparatus, thus reducing the risk of bacterial carryover from egg to egg.

As well as improving the core technology, we have developed additional technologies, such as the Egg Remover System and the Inovoject System with Vaccine Saver® option, both Embrex BioDevices from Zoetis.

These additional technologies help to further improve efficiency and save valuable money within the hatchery.

NEW: Inovoject® NXT

The Inovoject® NXT system is the next-generation Embrex® biodevice designed
to help you protect chicks from disease challenges through in ovo vaccination.
Automated vaccination with the Inovoject NXT system can help reduce human
error, when compared with subcutaneous or manual vaccination, to optimise
your labour investment.

  • Fast punch and 360-degree egg locator cup positioning with Embrex
  • Precixion™ technology for up to 100% injection-site accuracy.
  • First-of-a-kind egg handling with Haylo™ technology (pictured right) on the egg remover and transfer module to securely remove and transfer eggs with patented loop-wire design, reducing cracks, and minimising egg contact. Haylo technology is easier to access to clean and disinfect in order to help maintain sanitation.
  • Egg identification with Embrex Accusight™ technology on the control module identifies nonviable eggs with more than 99% accuracy for infertile and early dead eggs, despite tray colour, egg size, speed or ambient lighting to optimise egg removal and vaccine savings.
  • Simplified operating system with a single control module operation.
  • Robust sanitation and pumping system for uniform sanitation volume dispense and clean-in-place for easy day-to-day sanitation maintenance.

For more information contact poultry.uk@zoetis.com


As well as providing superior in-ovo devices, Zoetis backs products with best-in-class technical support – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Embrex BioDevices are regularly serviced by our team of field service technicians, ensuring trouble-free operation and minimal downtime.

In fact, they are so well built and reliable that they are also used for the manufacture of human influenza vaccine and many animal health vaccines by different biopharmaceutical companies around the world.


The advent of in-ovo devices has been one of the driving forces behind the increasing size and efficiency of hatcheries in developed and developing poultry markets over the last two decades.

But it is not only larger hatcheries that can benefit from in-ovo devices.

The technology also has the potential to allow smaller hatcheries to improve the quality of the chicks they supply and avoid the labour, efficacy and safety issues associated with subcutaneous vaccination.

In 2012, Zoetis introduced the world’s first semi-automated, compact in-ovo device: the Inovoject M BioDevice.

This device has the same quality and unique design features that have made the Inovoject System the world’s most widely used in-ovo device – but in a compact form for hatcheries that do not have the throughput or floor space suitable for a standard Inovoject System.

The new device can handle 12,000 to 20,000 eggs per hour, depending on configuration, and can be operated by two or three people.

Whatever the size of your operation, we will send a survey team to assess your needs and make sure you get the most appropriate setup.

Our technicians will be on hand to help every step of the way, from installation to initial run-up and operation.


The superior design and quality of the Inovoject System has helped to make the device the industry standard for in ovo technology.

No other device can deliver the same level of performance and support backed by 20 years of experience.

And with a range of new and additional technologies available from Zoetis, if you are thinking of adopting in ovo technology in your hatchery, why compromise?

For more information, speak to your Zoetis account manager today: poultry.uk@zoetis.com

*With the right embryo development stage and recommended transfer time, the Inovoject System has demonstrated up to 100% accuracy for correct site of injection.1

1 Avakian AP, Wakenell PS, Bryan T, Schaeffer JL, Williams CJ, Whitfill C. In ovo administration of Marek’s disease vaccine: Importance of vaccine deposition site in the fertile egg, in Proceedings. 51st Western Poultry Disease Conference 2002;119-121.

2 Barbosa T, Williams C, Villalobos T. Efficacy and Marek’s disease protection comparison between different vaccination methods, in Proceedings. 18th Congress World Veterinary Poultry Association 2013;217.