Egg prices have bounced back in the wholesale trade in response to the Government’s announcement of the roadmap out of lockdown.

In anticipation of renewed demand from the foodservice sector, the supply chain is starting to put stocks in place.

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As the main supplier to foodservice, the colony sector has experienced the most significant bounce, and at the Central Egg Agency (CEA), Large eggs have gained 30p/doz since their low point in January.

Retail-focused free-range egg prices have shown a more modest recovery, and wholesale prices remain at levels last seen in October 2019.

Andy Crossland at the CEA points out that many colony birds were depopulated at the start of the year, and there has been more interest from wholesalers over the last couple of weeks.

“It’s surprising, really, as to my knowledge there’s nothing new that’s opened up,” said Mr Crossland.

“With businesses preparing to be opened, the schools going back, foodservice may be improving.


“That supply chain needs filling, and as we progress down the roadmap to recovery, it should get busier as demand increases out there.

“With the amount of colony birds out, and a lot of them not coming back, it’s going to be a busy period through April/ May as supply chains are filled.

“We have to remember, though, that June and July aren’t the best times for eggs, so I think things will certainly calm down somewhat.

“On the other hand, there’s a lot of people staying at home this year catering-wise, so we could see a better summer than normal.”