If you or your business buys full systems or spare parts from Lubing UK, please give me the opportunity to quote for you.

My name is Doug Ramsay, many people know me from my successful forty-plus years in the Poultry industry producing Broilers and Turkeys with companies such as Crown Chicken, Grampian Country Chickens, Cranberry Turkeys, Aviagen Turkeys and recently with Lubing UK. 

I have now set-up my own business “Manok Ltd”, with my vast experience in Poultry Production and my recent involvement with Lubing UK I’m in a very good place to be able to offer a very competitive price, advice before purchase and after sales advice and training for farm staff. 

Which will allow the customer to be rewarded with the maximum return from their investment.

If you are considering any of the Lubing products i.e. Nipple drinkers, Flushing systems, Top-Climate cooling, egg conveyors, broiler perching or anything else they supply including spares please contact me. 

All systems that require installation are installed by Lubing’s very good technicians and is included within the quoted price.

With the recent cost of energy I can also supply LED lighting through “Gallina LED”, this is a lighting system specifically designed to give 

your type of poultry production the correct kelin(colour) of light that will stimulate either egg production or meat growth.

Ensuring that maximum bird performance can be achieved and at the same time helping save electricity.

Gallina LED systems are also guaranteed for five years.

I look forward to meeting you to discuss your needs,

Kind Regards,

Doug Ramsay

Tel: 07914 693470 or email: doug@manok.co.uk

Give me a call – I’ll save you money.