UKRAINIAN poultry giant MHP has said it plans further expansion into European markets through partnerships and acquisitions.

At an investor day, held in London in late September, the firm’s chief executive Yuriy Kosyuk, said: “MHP’s reputation as Europe’s most efficient poultry producer has ensured further growth in both production and revenues, contributing to another successful year for the business.

We have also completed the next stage of the state-of-the-art Vinnitsia Poultry Complex and successfully acquired Perutnina Ptuj in Slovenia.

“But our appetite to grow this company remains strong, and we believe there are more opportunities for MHP in our key markets, Europe and the Middle East.

“Key to future organic growth is investment in new ‘best in class’ poultry complexes, producing quality products to the highest standards. But we are actively looking at other partnerships and acquisitions outside of Ukraine where MHP can implement its efficient business model.”