EGG FARMERS who are direct suppliers to Morrison’s will be sent discount cards that offer 5% off their shop at the supermarket.

The supermarket said the new measure would thank farmers for feeding the nation through the coronavirus pandemic, and cards would arrive in the post and be valid until at least 12 July.

Livestock suppliers supplying lamb, beef and pork; dairy farmers with a Morrisons contract and direct supply fruit & veg growers would also be sent the cards, the retailer confirmed.

Direct supply

Morrisons bought egg packer Chippindales in 2018, meaning it had its own direct supply of eggs for the first time.

In January the supermarket announced it had transitioned entirely to free-range eggs, five years earlier than its original commitment.

Morrisons will also open “BBQ Steak Bars” and BBQ Seafood Bars” to promote a wider range of cuts of meat and fish.

It hopes to sell products that more commonly go to restaurants and caterers, such as high-quality steaks, joints and whole fish.

‘Show our thanks’

David Potts, chief executive of Morrisons, said: “This is a difficult time for the nation and it’s a very difficult time for farmers and fishermen.

“We’re the biggest supermarket customer for British farmers, and they continue to provide very good quality British food in the face of very real challenges.

“We want to show our thanks for all their work in feeding the nation and encourage our customers to buy British food.”