MORRISONS has announced new direct contract supply opportunities for Northern Ireland’s egg producers.

The supermarket said it wanted to increase its supply base and position itself at the forefront of the market with Northern Irish producers.

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The move is part of the retailer’s plan for expansion to ensure a stable and sustainable supply chain for eggs across the UK.

Morrisons said Northern Ireland had been identified as a supply priority for eggs “in recognition of the quality and expertise within Northern Ireland’s poultry sector” and to widen the supply base to help mitigate the risk posed by avian flu.

Co. Tyrone-based egg producer Alfie Shaw will lead supply chain development in Northern Ireland.

He said: “Morrisons is removing a great deal of financial risk from egg producers with these contracts, and that’s absolutely transformational, especially for new producers who are exposed to rises in the cost of production.

‘Stability of supply’

“The new contracts are designed to ensure stability of supply by giving producers a fair deal while building long-term commitments.

“They guarantee a percentage over and above independently assessed cost of production figures, along with producer-friendly terms.

March saw the first consignment of eggs from Northern Ireland to Morrisons, and supply is growing week on week as new producers come on board.

Eggs are packed, graded and distributed through Chippindale Foods, the Yorkshire-based wholesaler, now owned entirely by Morrisons, which supplies the supermarket with around 350 million free-range and organic shell eggs a year.

The supply opportunity with Morrisons is open to free-range and organic egg producers, and the supermarket is particularly keen to speak with producers with Net Zero ambitions.

For more information on Morrisons direct supply contracts for egg producers in Northern Ireland, interested parties should contact Alfie Shaw, Supply Chain Development for Northern Ireland, on 07775 730000.