MOY PARK has received globally recognised certification for soyabean traceability.

The Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard from the Round Table on Responsible Soya Association (RTRS) has announced that it recognises Moy Park’s Northern Ireland supply chain – from the source right through to the customer.

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Moy Park is the first UK food company to receive the CoC Standard, certifying that the soy has been produced in “an environmentally appropriate, socially conscious and economically viable way, free from deforestation and conversion”.

With a rigorous and robust verification and certification system, the standard ensures transparency across the process with audits conducted by independent and accredited certification bodies.

Moy Park’s Justin Coleman said: “Further advancing environmental stewardship and developing the sustainable food agenda are key elements of our journey to net zero.

‘Responsible sourcing’

“As part of this focus, we are delighted to receive the Chain of Custody Standard for soyabean traceability which has been spearheaded by our leading feed mill in Northern Ireland in conjunction with our raw material sourcing team.

“Working closely with stakeholders and customers, we have always been fully committed to responsible sourcing.

“This new standard builds on our already strong credentials by providing end-to-end supply chain certification between Moy Park and the customer.

“We look forward to building on this achievement and increasing the volume we can provide to our partners.”

Jemima Jewell, agriculture and responsible sourcing lead at Waitrose, added: “We welcome this industry-leading move by Moy Park, which supports our shared goals of producing more environmentally sustainable poultry.”