MOY PARK has said it will keep its Ashbourne poultry processing facility open but will downsize operations and reposition the site as a business-to-business supplier.

Moy Park said keeping the facility in operation would give it “security of supply for future opportunities” and provide “contingency options”.

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In early September, the firm opened a consultation on the closure of Ashborne, which had the potential to affect up to 935 employees within the processing plant and associated supply chain.

The firm says it will now downsize the facility and focus operations purely on primary processing, saving 175 roles at the site. The hatchery is to close, a spokesperson confirmed.

A statement from Moy Park said: “We are able to reshape our Ashbourne facility to be a business-to-business supplier, saving the site from closure.


“While the site will be downsized, 175 jobs will be saved as a result of this repositioning.

“This move will ensure we have a strong security of supply for future opportunities and provides contingency options.

“We are supporting the employees at the site and in our supply chain who have been impacted by the restructuring of the factory.”