MOY PARK has brought a number of poultry farms in Northern Ireland onto the market on a sale and leaseback arrangement.

Two established sites with 20 existing poultry sheds are on offer with a total capacity of 310,000 birds – both need refurbishment.

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Once completed, Moy Park will operate the sites on a 15-year lease as tenants, adding to their existing growing space in Northern Ireland.

Commercial property specialist OKT is marketing the two farms as an investment opportunity.


19 Gateside Road, in Coleraine, comprises 12 houses in a 5a plot laid out in concrete – the sheds are described as ‘relatively dated’ and do not have windows installed.

Its proposed land cost is £500,000, with an anticipated refurbishment cost of £2.5m.

84 Benvarden Road, near Ballybogey, is eight houses on a 4.2a site, with a capacity of 140,000 birds. The condition of the houses is described as ranging from fair to poor.

It is on the market for £350,000, and the refurbishment cost has been put at £1.6m.

The purchaser will also need to arrange for the provision of a farm manager’s house in the vicinity.

More details can be found on OKT’s website.