MOY PARK has announced a consultation with staff at its Ashbourne facility, hatchery and logistics operation in Derbyshire as it proposes changes to its processing model.

 The firm has said it wants to move to operating three fresh processing factories, instead of four.

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Its Ballymena site in Northern Ireland and Anwick, in Lincolnshire, have been identified as having the capacity to absorb additional production and grow in the future.

Up to 935 people could be impacted by the proposed changes, which include Ashbourne hatchery, drivers and temporary workers. The Ashbourne facility employs 860 staff.

The company statement did not say what was planned for the site following its proposed closure.

A spokesperson for Moy Park said: “Whilst this is difficult news for all the affected employees, this has no reflection on their dedication or commitment to the business.


“We will be working closely to provide support to employees at the site and in our supply chain impacted by this proposed change.

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to customers, and these proposed changes will ensure the business is best positioned for future growth.

“Focusing on operational excellence is all the more important given the challenging headwinds and inflationary environment facing our industry and businesses right across the UK.

“We are therefore fully committed to continued investment in high standards and manufacturing best-practice in order to fully satisfy market demand and growth, now and into the future.”

Moy Park has 11 other food manufacturing sites across Northern Ireland, England, France and the Netherlands.