ANIMAL EQUALITY has released its latest batch of undercover footage, this time from three Moy Park farms in Lincolnshire.

One of the farms targeted is the firm’s Ladywath site, a doubledecker broiler unit comprising six stacked houses with a total capacity of 189,000 birds.

The animal rights organisation released video footage from on farms and drone-recorded video of Ladywath farm.

It also lists the regulatory and Red Tractor standards that its investigators feel the farm has breached.

The story was picked up by the Guardian, BBC and Telegraph, amongst others.

Last month the organisation released footage from an Avara Foods site. It is understood the group have a large backlog of filming that is being released every few weeks.

Toni Vernelli, Animal Equality’s UK director said: “Images of distressed birds in giant double-decker sheds will be a shock to many consumers who buy British, Red Tractor-certified meat thinking they can trust its animal welfare standards.”

A Red Tractor spokesman said: “Our own routine auditing of these farms had identified some breaches to our high standards, and we have been working with them to ensure they put the necessary processes in place for them to remain Red Tractor-certified.”

And Moy Park said in a statement: “We have a zero-tolerance attitude toward anything that jeopardises the health and welfare of our birds and we are fully investigating these allegations. 

“We have robust processes in place to carefully monitor the welfare conditions for our birds and we have regular independent audits, taking corrective action with our farming partners if required.”