MOY PARK has announced a new scheme that will monitor greenhouse gas emissions on farms in its supply chain in real time.

The Farm Carbon Calculator will help Moy Park tackle its Scope 3 emissions – as they are produced – farm by farm, flock by flock, across its supply chain.

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The Farm Carbon Calculator uses data across all metrics to capture, benchmark and track changes in emissions and was developed in partnership with IT provider MTech Systems and SAC Consulting, utilising their Agrecalc platform.

This real-time carbon footprinting will then be used to drive continuous improvements across Moy Park’s supply chain such as new investments, farming practices and training, the firm said.

Justin Coleman, agri business & live services director at Moy Park, said: “The importance of a project like this cannot be underestimated.


“Tackling emissions across the farming sector is one of the biggest opportunities we have to make a difference and through this real-time carbon footprinting across our farming base, we can deliver real, tangible change.

“The Farm Carbon Calculator allows us to visualise real emissions in each of our farms, determine where we can help our farmers to make practical improvements and create new efficiencies and processes as we strive to lower emissions together.


Julian Bell, Agrecalc’s business development lead, added: “Agrecalc is proud to partner with Moy Park in this pioneering project, developed together over several years of collaboration.

“This project uses digital data systems to connect company-wide carbon reduction targets to action on the ground in real-time, farm by farm, flock by flock.

Access to better information will support management changes and carbon reduction across the company.”

The project is the latest step in Moy Park’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions.

Last year the firm’s pathway to tackle Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, developed alongside the Carbon Trust, was validated by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi).

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