MSD ANIMAL HEALTH is launching a new veterinary surgeon research bursary for the poultry sector.

It will offer up to £4,000 to vets in the UK to support preventative healthcare and research.

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The new bursaries, which have also been announced for pigs and aquaculture, are an expansion of a more established scheme in ruminants and companion animals.

Vets can apply for one of the six bursaries, each worth up to £4,000 across the species categories.

If accepted, their project should be completed within one to two years, and proposals will be assessed by university academics to ensure independent judgement.


Rebecca Geenty, business unit director for Integrated Livestock at MSD Animal Health UK, said: “Bursaries provide numerous benefits to both professionals within the sector and the wider industry. These additions to our vet surgeon research bursaries are a show of support for the veterinary community

“Good research forms the foundation of the industry and being awarded a bursary has proved to be a career-changing experience for some participants.

“Our vet surgeon research bursaries, therefore, have a vital role in encouraging vet surgeons to gain new knowledge and continue to develop their research skills.”

The deadline for applications to the bursary is 30 November 2020. More information is available at the MSD Animal Health research bursary website.