HUVEPHARMA has launched a new anticoccidial in the European market.

The pharmaceutical giant said it had obtained a brand-specific approval registration to market its new product, Monimax, to poultry producers in the European Union.

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It is a micro granulated product combining monensin and nicarbazin, and is registered for use in turkeys, broilers and laying hens.

Coccidiosis is a significant concern for the poultry industry.

Poor control of the condition can decrease performance and can trigger intestinal problems – potentially driving higher antibiotic use.


In a statement, Huvepharma said: “Monimax is now registered for use in chickens for fattening, turkeys for fattening and chickens reared for laying in Europe.

“The synergy between monensin and nicarbazin allows the use of monensin and nicarbazin at lower concentrations, making it suitable for use in all conditions, all year round.

“Monimax has proven efficacy against all Eimeria species in chickens and turkeys.

“This new combination of monensin and nicarbazin will result in a synergistic effect against the current field species of Eimeria and data supports an improvement in poultry performance.”