LIVETEC has launched a mobile app that it says will give farmers, smallholders and backyard poultry keepers insights into avian influenza outbreaks across the UK.

The new app, which is free to download, allows users to input the location of their poultry flocks and receive real-time outbreak notifications and report suspicious symptoms in their own flocks.

After downloading and registering, producers can add the location of their holding, whether poultry is kept at one place or several.

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If there is an outbreak zone close by, the app will automatically update users, and outbreaks can also be reported through the app.

It also has an interactive map showing the outbreak status of avian influenza across the UK.

Gordon Samet, commercial director of Livetec Systems, said, “Preparedness is key to protecting poultry.

“The Livetec Systems App has been created to help farmers and backyard keepers to avoid unnecessary expenses, prevent disease outbreaks, and protect their birds, revenue streams, and reputation.

“With avian influenza becoming harder to stem and cases continuing way past the traditional window, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of disease management.”

More information can be found on Livetec’s website.