A NEW photobook produced by the Poultry Health and Welfare Group (PHWG), in partnership with the UK government, demonstrates examples of both good and bad biosecurity.

The 89-page resource primarily demonstrates biosecurity best practice using picture examples from real farms.

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The guidance is relevant to all species of poultry and farms ranging in size from smallholdings to large commercial units.

Biosecurity is the best defence against avian influenza incursion. It is important to consider both the structure and physical set up of a farm as well as daily routines.

British Poultry Council chair Richard Griffiths said: “Our focus remains on stamping out disease and controlling the spread. Whilst we may have seen a reduction in cases very recently the risk to poultry is still high.

“We, as ever, urge all poultry keepers across the country to remain vigilant and look out for signs of the disease in your birds or bird.”