BFREPA is to launch an egg price tool that will allow members to compare the price that they receive from their eggs with other producers.

The online portal has been in development for most of 2020. It will allow free-range egg producers to enter specific flock details – including bird numbers and production figures – and then compare their contract price in a league table.

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BFREPA says it will offer its members information based on facts, rather than industry gossip.

The name of each farm’s packer will be visible to users, but all other data will be anonymous to encourage participation.

The costings portal will launch on 1 October in a free webinar that replaces BFREPA’s annual conference, which was cancelled this year because of coronavirus.

Cage-free eggs

An update to an analysis by Adas forecasting the impact of cage-free 2025 commitments will also be presented at the webinar.

It will examine whether the demand for free-range eggs is likely to increase as retailers move away from marketing colony egg.

“BFREPA was the first to analyse the potential impact of cage-free commitments on the sector, but we are now three years on, and the situation has evolved,” said BFREPA chief executive Robert Gooch.

Look ahead

“We need to look ahead and plan for the future, and this report will help the free-range egg sector to anticipate and prepare for a variety of outcomes.  

“With the new Costings Portal and the ADAS report, we are arming free-range producers with the information they need to make important decisions based on facts and figures, not industry gossip.”

To register for the webinar, visit the Go To Webinar website.