A NEW project will assess companies’ progress towards meeting the requirements of the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC).

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) said its new ChickenTrack reporting would benchmark companies in Europe who have signed up to the measure.

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This year, the report lays out a reporting framework ahead of the 2022 report.

More than 270 companies have committed to the BCC, most with a target of reaching the standard by 2026.

It calls for lower stocking densities and slower-growing breeds along with a range of environmental enrichments.

Tracey Jones, global director of food business at CIWF, said: “Companies signing up to the BCC are taking a major step towards raising baseline standards for broiler chickens, and we urge every food business to take that pledge.

“But a commitment alone is not enough; it is essential that companies move forward on their implementation plans and report year-on-year progress.

“ChickenTrack will help monitor that progress annually and will provide recommendations and advice while recognising those companies that are leading the way.”

The initial report can be found on CIWF’s website.