THE AMERICAN EGG BOARD (AEB) has launched a new marketing initiative that aims to highlight eggs’ versatility as ingredients in dishes beyond breakfast

Incredible Egg, the marketing arm of the AEB, has launched its Dinner Egg concept with a fake documentary and new website that highlights recipes, including “Ninja’s Egg and Mushroom Pizza by the Slice”; “Contortionist’s Folded Egg and Chorizo Tacos” and “Boy of Steal’s Green Chile Egg Salad Sliders”.

The premise of the marketing campaign is that “dinner eggs” are distinct from regular eggs, and are laid at night by “night shift hens”.

AEB president Anne L. Alonzo said: “Eggs have been a breakfast staple for years, but why should the delicious and nutritious egg be confined to one meal?

“It’s time to change all that and our new spectacular marketing campaign does exactly that — it makes clear that the Incredible Egg is also here for dinner — from pizza, tacos, salad or sandwiches.

“We’re super EGGcited to help consumers explore the many ways and occasions for which they enjoy their eggs.”