WAITOA, a New Zealand brand of free-range chicken, has gained carbon zero certification.

The firm first had to measure the carbon footprint of every step of its supply chain with an independent auditor Toitū.

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It then committed to making cuts to emissions while possible, as well as offsetting current emissions within its supply chain.

To qualify for the Toitū certification, Waitoa had to show plans for reducing emissions across the supply chain and measure progress.

Emissions from raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, packaging and disposal were factored in, with Waitoa measuring and reporting on annual carbon footprint reductions.


Waitoa also partnered with Toitū-approved projects both locally and abroad, to offset unavoidable carbon emissions to achieve net carbon-zero emissions.

The firm is committed to researching alternatives to soya, it said, and working towards 100% recyclable packaging.

Jonathan Gray, chief executive of Waitoa, said chicken was well-placed as a low-emission protein.

“It has the lowest carbon footprint of land-based meat sources, and we have a commitment to keep reducing this further.

“We take an evidence-based approach to reducing our footprint leading in reducing carbon emissions, water stewardship and sustainable agriculture and production.

“Our strategy is about doing good for our people, community, environment and business so we can leave both the business and the environment in a good place for the next generation.”