TWO of the UK’s largest poultrymeat and egg producers have been recognised as global leaders in high animal welfare.

Pig and poultry producer Cranswick and egg packer Noble Foods were two of the four companies featured in the top tier of this year’s Busines Benchmark for Animal Welfare (BBFAW).

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The work is supported by Compassion in World Farming and World Animal Protection.

Waitrose and Marks & Spencer are the other two firm’s at the top, meaning they show ‘leadership’ in their approach to farm animal welfare.

2 Sisters Food Group also features in tier 3, which describes welfare as ‘established, but work to be done’.


This is the ninth year that the survey of farm animal welfare has taken place.

It measures policy commitment, performance, and disclosure on animal welfare in food companies.

The 2020 Benchmark analysed 150 global food companies, made up of 63 Producers & Manufacturers with combined retail revenues of US$500 billion, 52 Retailers & Wholesalers and 35 Restaurants & Bars.

Nicky Amos, executive director of the BBFAW, said: “The 2020 findings show how BBFAW is driving corporate action on farm animal welfare, with around two-thirds of companies actively managing the business risks and opportunities associated with farm animal welfare, and 79% of companies having committed to improvement objectives and targets linked to farm animal welfare.

“The progress made by companies on managing farm animal welfare since the BBFAW’s inception in 2012 is remarkable and should be applauded.

“However, as BBFAW enters its tenth year, our expectation is that companies need to demonstrate how their management commitments are translating into improved welfare impacts for animals on the ground.”

The full report can be found here.