NOBLE FOODS is set to launch a £1m advertising campaign across TV, radio and online for its flagship happy egg co brand.

The advertising, themed on ‘happy days’ and enjoying eggs throughout the week, will launch on 17 February ahead of Pancake Day.

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It will run to 10 April, and over that time, it is expected that 79% of UK adults will be exposed to the campaign, Noble Foods said.

Laura Sheard, marketing and innovation director at Noble Foods said: “We believe that happy eggs lead to happy days, which is why our latest campaign demonstrates exactly why our brand can help shoppers create delicious dishes any day of the week.

“We’re delighted to see the happy egg co. return to national TV and radio, it’s a great opportunity to help grow greater awareness of the brand and drive category growth, with 79% of UK adults expected to see and hear the Happy Days ads .”

“This campaign perfectly encapsulates the fun and positive spirit of the happy egg co. and will aim to spread joy to the UK’s 27 million egg buyers by encouraging the nation to use our eggs in new recipes.”