FARMERS are being encouraged to “tell their stories and put farming centre stage” by opening their doors to the public.

Taking place on 9th June 2024 the Open Farm Sunday aims to build trust, connect people, and promote the value of farming with nature.

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Annabel Shackleton, Open Farm Sunday manager, said: “Every farm’s story deserves to be heard, appreciated, and understood.

“There’s a fantastic opportunity to engage more of the public with how their food is produced and show our farmers as guardians of the earth.

“Opening your gates and sharing your farming stories, opens the public’s mind to discover the world of farming.  

Every event matters

“Whatever the scale or type of event you choose to organise, every event matters, and every farm can benefit from being involved.

“The magic happens when visitors talk with farmers and see farming firsthand.

“The conversations have a lasting positive impact, helping people to value the work farmers do, the food they eat, and to make more informed food choices.

“For some, it also inspires them to consider a career in farming.”


To actively support farmer engagement, LEAF’s 2024 Open Farm Sunday campaign launches with an on-farm event on 20th March at Bragborough Hall in Northamptonshire.

The free event includes workshops and presentations from education, PR specialists, the OFS team and experienced host farmers.

It is an opportunity for farmers to upskill, meet experienced hosts, share activity ideas, learn marketing tips, and resolve any concerns.

Places are limited (two free places per farm) and interested parties can register to attend on the Open Farm Sunday website.