THE BRITISH PIG AND POULTRY FAIR has provisionally been rescheduled for late May next year.

Royal Agricultural Society of England chief executive Andrew Lazenby said the charity hoped to run the fair on 25 and 26 May 2021.

In a letter sent to would-be exhibitors, he said those who had paid in full for a stand at this year’s cancelled event would be able to roll over 25% of their booking fee and would also receive a 25% discount if they re-book for the next fair.

Alternatively, a 25% refund would be available to those who did not wish to re-book.

The society said it would also refund or credit 50% of all advertising that had been booked, and that those who re-booked would get the first choice on stand locations.

‘Passion and appreciation’

Mr Lazenby said: “I would like to thank you all for your patience over the last week. Although it was a monumentally difficult and disappointing decision to cancel both of these valued events, I feel uplifted to know that we all share the same passion and appreciation for the role that they play within our sector.

“As you are aware, the Royal Agricultural Society of England is a small charity that serves the sector in promoting the best agricultural science, and these two events play an important part in that.

Future events

“We are making all efforts to ensure that the society can sustainably continue to serve the sector by developing and running these and other events in the future.

“The unprecedented series of events surrounding Covid-19 have been far beyond anybody’s control or anticipation, and I am sure you will understand that this has therefore made resulting decisions challenging to make with incomplete information.”