DUTCH poultry giant Plukon Food Group has announced the acquisition of Spanish poultry integration Redondo.

Redondo was described as a second-generation family-owned business active in the poultry market since 1963, providing products to customers in and around Madrid.

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It operates facilities in three different locations in Spain, including feed mills, parent flock facilities, a hatchery, growing farms and a modern slaughterhouse.

Redondo employs about 250 people, and its revenues amounted to EUR 54m for the year 2022.

Kees Kraijenoord, chief executive of Plukon, said: “I am pleased to announce the acquisition of Redondo that greatly strengthens Plukon’s position in Spain.

Growth in Spain

“In 2020, Plukon entered the Spanish market through the acquisition of Grupo VMR and together with Redondo, this provides our group with a strong platform for future growth in Spain.

“This deal aligns with our ambition to become a leading player in the production and marketing of poultry in Europe.”

José Luis Redondo, the CEO of Redondo, said: “We are convinced that Redondo will continue to grow as part of the Plukon Food Group, and we look forward to realise this together.

“Plukon is a strong owner for Redondo and all its stakeholders, with a similar view on quality standards and, therefore, we are proud to have achieved this milestone for the company.”