POLAND continues to be hit by avian influenza outbreaks, with the total number of birds now culled in this season exceeding 10 million.

According to the country’s state veterinary service, there have been more than 270 cases on farms recorded in 2021 alone.

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The previous highest total number of outbreaks in the country over the course of a season was 65.

Poland is the largest poultrymeat producer in the EU, but all species are affected by this outbreak of avian influenza, according to a report by the Dutch government.

The country slaughters 1.3bn birds a year, accounting for 20% of the EU’s total.

Export fall

Exports from the country fell for the first time in 11 years in 2020, though total production still increased by almost three million tonnes.

AI is concentrated in the provinces of Wielkopolska, a major egg-producing region and Mazowiecki.

There is a high density of poultry farms in those two areas, and the country’s chief veterinary officer has proposed legislative changes to require more distance between units.