POTTERS POULTRY has launched a new aviary system that it claims to be the lowest available in the market, allowing farmers to manage birds without the need for climbing.

The LowMax Aviary is mounted on a single central column, and the highest tier is 2m from the ground. Potters said the muck belts were between 1.25m and 2m wide, allowing for easier maintenance.

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There are feeders and perches on both tiers and drinkers in front of the nests.

The firm added that it would fit most poultry houses and that a standard offer included a package consisting of the aviary, installation, lights, muck cross conveyor, control panels, partitions and more.

Potters Poultry director Justin Potter said: “We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new LowMax Aviary, which will provide a safe and easy to use aviary system for poultry farmers.

“The LowMax Aviary joins our existing range of Open and Compact Aviaries, which means we are able to provide poultry farmers with even more choice to find a system that best works for them.