POULTRY.NETWORK has teamed up with Alltech to bring our audience an in-depth look into managing the gut health of laying hens.

It will be held on 16 March from 6 pm and deliver a focused hour and 15 minutes where farmers can hear from experts from the UK and abroad on some of the latest ways to improve production, egg quality and extend the length of lay.

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The event will be interactive, meaning participants can ask questions or offer comments in real-time.

The session begins with a talk from Steve Collett, professor emeritus of population health in the college of veterinary medicine at the University of Georgia and a global authority on gut health in poultry.


Steve Collett will set the scene, outlining why good gut health is a crucial element in successful poultry production.

In particular, he will discuss:

  • Understanding signals that indicate good gut development
  • How good litter can mask gut health issues
  • Making sure birds are truly comfortable in their environment
  • How the seed, feed and weed concept can advance natural immunity

Following Steve’s talk, a panel discussion will feature free-range egg producer Martyn Langford, Noble Foods’ senior area manager Avril Richie and Adam Platt, regional poultry manager at Alltech.

Poultry.Network editor Jake Davies will chair the event.

He said: “We’re excited to bring an opportunity for our readers to interact live with a panel who know their stuff when it comes to successful free-range egg production.

“Gut health is at the heart of high-welfare poultry farming and good production, and we’re looking forward to exploring it in detail.”

Alltech’s Adam Platt added: I am looking forward to dispelling some of the myths surrounding gut health and egg production.

“We can then concentrate on how to improve performance through reducing pathogenic load, aiding nutritional uptake and therefore optimising gut health and immunity in layers.”