THE FOOD STANDARDS AGENCY (FSA) has issued a ‘precautionary advice’ notice about a specific batch of British Lion eggs sold in certain Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Asda stores.

The affected batch can be identified by the code 1UK15270, and best before dates between 30 October and 5 November.

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The FSA said that ‘a very small number’ of these eggs may be contaminated, but thorough cooking would eliminate salmonella and avoid the risk of illness.

It added that if shoppers wished to return the eggs, they should contact the place of purchase.

Shopping habits

The FSA said only that particular batch of eggs were affected.

“No other eggs sold by these retailers or eggs sold at other shops are affected.

“There is no need to change your shopping habits for eggs or your usual cooking habits for eggs not listed.”


The British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) said it supported the precautionary advice.

“The UK egg industry has the most stringent food safety standards in the world,” a spokesman added.

“As part of the UK’s National Control Programme and the BEIC’s Lion Quality scheme, egg farms and packing stations are rigorously sampled and tested and, if salmonella is found, those eggs cannot be sold for human consumption.

“This issue was found by routine testing on the farm.

“Once identified, the British Egg Industry Council took immediate action to suspend the flock concerned and remove any eggs from the food chain.”