COMPANIES that have said they will switch to the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) standard across the UK and Europe are up 38% from 240 in July last year to 333 today.

In the UK, about 28% of supply is now committed to switching to BCC by 2026, up 3% year-on-year.

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The findings were published in a report compiled by the Humane League, which campaigns for the introduction of the BCC.

It revealed that 100% of major foodservice businesses and meal kit providers were now committed to the standard.

80% of food manufacturers and 70% of major food chains in the UK have also signed up.


But only 20% of retailers – which account for most poultry production – had made the switch.

The report only considers companies wholly signed up to the BCC, rather than retailers who stock multiple lines of birds at different welfare tiers.

The Humane League said in its report it would continue to campaign on several fronts for change.

One of which was an application for a judicial review challenging the practice of rearing conventional broilers under UK law – this was refused, but the charity has appealed.

The report concludes: “Despite difficulties in the global economy, despite international crises and Covid’s long shadow, the BCC marches on.

“A future where animals are raised more humanely is both desirable and attainable, and the BCC is a policy that any company can be proud to put their name to.”

View the full PDF here.