FARMS that are part of RSPCA Assured will now be assessed virtually while social distancing measures remain in place. 

The assurance scheme joins other bodies, like Red Tractor and the British Lion, in conducting its inspections using online communication tools. 

But it stressed that the measures were temporary, and would “reduce the need for RSPCA Assured to carry out follow-up visits in person, when social distancing measures are lifted”.

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Other schemes have said remote assessments could remain in place in some form for sectors like pigs and poultry, where biosecurity is a priority.  

Joe Bailey, RSPCA Assured’s head of farming, said: “There are many challenges being faced by our members, and we appreciate their co-
operation, patience and understanding during this difficult time.

“Their wellbeing, and the welfare of their animals, remain our priority and we are working hard to ensure we can continue to deliver farm assurance whilst supporting them.”