LUBING (UK AND IRELAND) has announced the appointment of Sam Kenworthy as sales director.

Mr Kenworthy was previously a director of SK Poultry Services, a Lubing dealer, which offered products and services to the UK’s poultry sector.

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He formally starts in the role on 1 January 2022.

The appointment is to support the Lubing drive to help would-be customers, and existing users of Lubing equipment, make the best use of it to support high-welfare and high-performance poultry production.

To that end, the firm has recently invested in a training centre and showroom at its Ormskirk headquarters that it can use to demonstrate drinker systems, automatic flushing equipment, high pressure misting systems, and egg conveyors.


Lubing products are sold through dealers in the UK, but the firm’s managing director Jo Mettrick says that support is available to end-users when deciding what drinker system to install, and post-purchase.

Mr Kenworthy said: “I have always found that Lubing the product and the brand has been very strong.

“It’s a product range I believe in personally, and I don’t think anybody else is doing anything quite like it.”

Managing director Jo Metrick added: “Sam has worked with Lubing for a while and been a massive advocate for us and what we do – we’re selling a quality product that gets results.”