THIS month, Poultry Network’s calculation of a basic layers ration has risen again, by £6/tonne compared with last month.

In the event, feed costs have drifted aimlessly through the summer season, with our layers ration moving within a range of less than £20/ tonne.

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It was down in June, then July up, August down, September up. Both the key ingredients, wheat and soya, have been bounced around by changing news over factors such as the Black Sea corridor, weather in the US and elsewhere, and the impact of the global downturn, with no clear trend developing.

The current analysis is that the global wheat trade remains tight, but prices will be restrained by continuing keenly-priced Black Sea supplies, along with sideways pressure from an expected surplus of maize. 


Soya is awaiting final news on the drought damage to the current US crop, while looking forward to a heavy South American supply.