THE UNITED KINGDOM is now listed as a third country in European Commission market dashboards, meaning that trade of poultrymeat and eggs between the bloc and Britain can be seen for the first time.

The Eurostat figures reveal total imports and exports between the EU and its main trading partners for a variety of agricultural outputs, including poultrymeat and eggs. They are updated weekly.

The latest import/export figures reveal that the EU imported 45% less egg from the UK in January and February of this year, when compared with the same period in 2019.

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Just over 3,500 tonnes of egg equivalent were sent from the UK to the EU.

Meanwhile, exports from the EU to the UK also dropped dramatically, from 18,285t in 2019 to 8,169t this year, a 55% fall.


Trade in poultrymeat dropped by similar levels, according to the equivalent dashboard.

In January and February this year 34,641t of chicken by carcase weight was exported to Europe from the UK, down 38% from the 2019 figure.

European countries sent 73,810t of poultrymeat to the UK, down 48% on the year before.


Other notable country swings in EU imports and exports over the period include Ukraine.

Poultrymeat imports and exports were down 32% and 46% respectively.

Europe banned Ukrainian poultrymeat after highly pathogenic avian influenza was confirmed in the country in January.

The EU has since given Ukraine regionalised status, meaning that exports can resume, as long as they are not from the affected region.

The full datasets can be found on the European Commission.