SOANES POULTRY has launched a new website that offers its higher-welfare chicken range direct to the public.

The East Yorkshire firm has previously only marketed the chicken as a wholesale product to trade customers in London.

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Birds are stocked 20% lower than Soanes’ standard broiler offering, and birds have access to enrichments and natural light.

Claire Wright, Managing Director of Clive Soanes Broilers, who rear the chickens, said: “We use the AssureWel welfare outcome assessment protocol for chicken to help us to assess the welfare of our flocks.

Welfare outcomes

“As part of these standardised assessments, we look at a number of key health and welfare outcomes for chickens, such as the birds’ gait score, their interaction with enrichment items, and other active behaviours such as running, sparring and wing flapping.”

Soanes Poultry’s Higher Welfare Chicken is available exclusively from

The range includes whole chicken, portions, diced chicken and a Taste of Yorkshire mixed box and is delivered using DPD’s Carbon Neutral Delivery Service.