THE Prime Minister used part of his address to the NFU’s annual conference this week to announce a review into the fairness of the broiler supply chain.

Several industry leaders, including the NFU, have called for a look at how fair the UK’s broiler sector operates and whether risk and reward are distributed appropriately through the supply chain.

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A Defra spokesperson said the review would happen ‘later in the year’ but was unable to be more specific.

Both the dairy sector and egg sector have been subject to reviews following periods of low profitability caused by spikes in inflation.

The dairy sector review has concluded and resulted in new legislation being laid before parliament this week.

Dairy review outcomes

It is hoped that the new dairy regulations will establish transparency and accountability across the dairy supply chain by stopping contract changes being imposed without agreement.

There will also be a system in place to enable farmers to verify the calculation of variable prices.

The regulations also include an enforcement regime, which allows the Secretary of State to impose substantial financial penalties in the event of breaches.

It is understood the egg sector review will publish findings in the coming weeks.

‘Collective efforts paid off’

Speaking at the NFU’s poultry sector outlook, the union’s poultry board chairman, James Mottershead, welcomed the review.

“This is proof that although, frustratingly, we’ve been asking for some time for the government’s support to ensure fairness in the supply chain, our collective efforts have paid off.

“Poultry producers have a chance to feed into this important work, which will shape the future of the sector and is something I encourage you all to do.”