POULTRY farmers have been encouraged to take part in a survey exploring the financial impact of avian influenza on their businesses.

Fera is undertaking the enquiry on behalf of Defra. It will investigate the costs associated with housing orders, biosecurity measures, forgone income from dead and culled birds, restricted business activity, and higher operational costs.

It is looking for responses from bird keepers across the UK, and the work will inform a national-level estimate of the cost of AI.

It comes as the latest outbreak assessment produced by the Animal and Plant Health Agency found there were five new infected premises in Great Britain between 18 August and 13 September.

Two were in pheasant premises, and three were in commercial premises.

Two of the IPs were in the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, one with 180 chickens and the other with 213 laying hens and 31 ducks.

The other IP was a commercial premises of 221,000 chickens in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

One of the pheasant premises detected was in Stafford, England, with 1,750 pheasants and the other in Cheshire, England, with 750 pheasants.

There were also 28 “found dead” wild bird incidents recorded in the same timeframe.

Across Europe, the picture is falling wild bird cases with no commercial poultry outbreaks in the EU 27 for over a month.

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