The Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL) is a sponsor of the Poultry.Network Sustainability Hub

CIEL is the front door for research & innovation within livestock and aquatic food production. 

We connect industry with world-class research capability and insight to successfully tackle key livestock challenges. 

From developing climate-smart food systems and enhancing animal health to improving welfare and productivity, CIEL helps identify, develop, and deliver impactful science and evidence. 

We are a membership organisation, and our Members benefit from tailored support to build the best project consortia, facilitated access to research capability, exclusive events and the inside track on funding opportunities.  

Carbon footprint

Climate change is impacting every aspect of UK farming and the food production supply chain. 

The poultry sector is typically associated with a relatively low carbon footprint compared with dairy, beef and sheep sectors, but work is still required to lower the industry’s carbon footprint. 

Issues including feed, health & welfare, waste, and transport which have an impact on carbon footprint are all being actively examined by CIEL, working alongside a national network of researchers and growing industry member base to identify solutions that will support farming’s transition to Net Zero.

CIEL has commissioned two key industry reports: The first, Net Zero Carbon & UK Livestock report (2020), quantifies current emissions associated with UK livestock food production and assesses technologies that can support the industry’s sustainability ambitions; the second, Net Zero & Livestock: How farmers can reduce emissions report (2022), explores a wide range of mitigation options that can help reduce emissions at farm level.

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