Fusion for Business is a UK-based business that specialises in providing honest and fair energy solutions for businesses. As your trusted partner, our mission is to defend the earth from energy and carbon waste by challenging the outdated energy supply chain and the way buildings are managed. With the goal of helping UK businesses uncover significant cost and carbon savings, leading to greater sustainability and profitability.

Led by experienced experts in business consultancy and utility procurement. We identified a major issue in the market where UK businesses were being underserved and overpaying for basic energy services. Despite the help of comparison sites and brokers, many business owners were struggling to navigate the complex energy market, causing unexpected financial strain.

To address this issue, we decided to change the direction of the industry by creating a fair playing field for business owners. Their solutions focus on improving businesses TODAY, preparing for TOMORROW, and rectifying any past wrongdoings of YESTERDAY.

For one of our current Poultry Producing clients, we are installing £55,000 worth of Kew LEDS across 13x of their shed units.

This will generate a saving over 3.5 years of £143,779.34. The installation and asset upgrade is fully funded through their energy supply contract. Off-balance sheet and interest free.

Although their energy supply contract doesn’t actually start until September of 2023 we are still able to unlock these savings now and work on implementation at a time when they need our support most.

£144,000 worth of savings achieved over a 3 year period.

We are committed to helping businesses reduce energy costs while improving their carbon footprint. By offering tailored solutions and expert advice, they help businesses make informed decisions about their energy usage. Our approach is transparent and honest, ensuring that businesses receive the best possible service and value for their money.