International Water Solutions (IWS) is the Poultry.Network Sustainability Hub water sponsor

IWS is committed to improving the sustainability of the UK’s poultry sector and supports this goal by helping farms become more efficient by improving bird health and performance.

A clean and constant supply of water is critical to the performance and mortality of a bird. 

Clean water plays an important role in reducing stress on the bird to allow it to grow to its optimum through regulating body temperature, digesting food and eliminating body waste.

It also ensures that no harmful bacteria is entering the bird’s body which could cause diseases, high mortality, and expensive medication. 

At turnaround, it is also imperative to the success of future crops that thorough disinfection is carried out to ensure the elimination of viruses and bacteria that can cause costly damage to bird performance. 

IWS is leading the way in providing effective and affordable water treatment solutions, line and shed disinfection.

Find out more at the IWS website.