Noble Foods is the egg producer/packer sponsor of the Poultry.Network Sustainability Hub

To better nourish, people, animals, and planet.

As a leading food producer behind market leading brands like the happy egg co., you could be forgiven for thinking we are just responsible for feeding people.

And we are. But it’s so much more than that.

What we’ve been doing for decades – and what we continue to do – is make a positive impact on the industry through our legacy of caring.

We know how to show excellent care for our animals. We continually support our partners and invest in our people. We listen carefully to customers to help build our brands. And we’re breathing life into the humble egg with our vision, creativity, engagement and education.

Like everyone reading this, we’ve faced tough challenges due to the pandemic. We also face industry specific threats like Avian Flu.

But we are problem solvers and positive thinkers. With determination and our great team, we’ve proven that we can overcome these issues and build an exciting future.

Our purpose report gives us some space to learn about our past, understand why we’re here and take a look at our future plans.

We hope you enjoy reading more about Noble Foods’ purpose and how we deliver it, here in our first ever purpose report.

Download our 2022 Purpose report