Unitas is the software sponsor of the Poultry.Network Sustainability Hub.

Unitas specialises in helping its partners deliver the maximum performance and return on investment through its end-to-end poultry software – Poultry Manager.

Using the very latest cutting-edge mobile and cloud platform technology, Unitas is building a global reputation for unlocking significant business performance.

The approach has been simple, led by Owner and CEO Chris McCoubrey, a talented team combines their knowledge of software with a passion for poultry to build long-term partnerships.


Continually listening to customers and tailoring the solution to their specific requirements keeps Unitas and its customers at the forefront of poultry management.

Poultry Manager is helping its partners bring simplicity and transparency to their business, focusing on what really matters to improve flock performance, boost productivity, and enhance bird welfare.

Product Quality

Employee and farm engagement is improved, leading to enhanced overall product quality and sustainability metrics.

Developed with leading UK, USA and European poultry, egg and feed partners, Poultry Manager has a proven ROI of under 12 months, building resilience while unlocking value and genetic potential.

The easy-to-implement solution, once embedded, enables precision farming and enhanced business focus and alignment. 


Unitas has a growing number of worldwide clients who are achieving new levels of efficiency across flock performance, profitability and forecasting while also removing unproductive, time-consuming tasks.

Our five guiding pillars are:

  • Connect the farm supply chain via a mobile app to facilitate benchmarking and levelling up of flock performance throughout the farming base.
  • Automate tasks at head office to reduce time spent on excel sheets, schedules, farm payments and  flock profitability.
  • Measure results and share targets graphically enabling a focus on areas to improve upon to boost flock performance throughout the farming base.
  • Comply with internal and external regulations with ease. No more time consuming training and chasing up on paper work. 
  • Forecast performance within minutes, rather than excel overload to communicate clearly with retailers what stock is available in the future.

Unitas is a client focused consultancy and software development company that creates smart software applications. We have provided unique solutions across a broad range of areas.

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